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Contoh Drama Bahasa Inggris Singkat

Hello buddy drama lovers, this time I will share an example of light plays on the theme about friendship. Yes, although in this blog actually contains many examples of a play about friendship, but because it plays this friendship is one of the themes of drama were most needed then I'll try to write more dialogue scenarios drama about friendship.

Examples of this short play can be played for 4 people, but you can also modify the script if you want to use it for 3 players. For example skit 3 others you can find in the previous post. Well, here's an example of a short drama about friendship for 4 people cast.



Rita as Prita (The figure of a wise friend)
Novela as Abel (figure a good friend)
Dina as Hindi (figure easily misunderstood)
Nicole as Laura (figure friend hectic)

Background / Background:
a Parks

Synopsis of Drama

Prita, Hindi, Abel and Laura are four (female) friends who have for years together. At one point, Prita found that Hindi was not present at this important event organized by Laura. Prita asked the matter to Hindi, Hindi then replied that he was not present due to assume Laura has turned into an arrogant man.

Prita and Abel tried to convince Hindi, that he is just misunderstood. After a long conversation, and at the same time she also is there, then finally answered. Hindi is just misunderstood, Hindi and Laura finally apologized to each other.

Dialog of Drama

Yesterday I did not see you come on his show Laura, Hin? Why? You have important business or what?

I was at home alone. No, nothing.

Then why did not you come? Supposedly you could have come because you also no flurry of anything at that time?

Abel also told the current situation between Hindi and Laura.

Excuse me, I go talk Hin huh?

Indeed there is nothing, Bel? What you are again no problem at Laura, Hin? What is the problem? Why are not you talking to me?

Hindi said to me when Laura overbearing at he said. So, he did not want to take out more about Laura.

Abel heard the explanation, Prita shook his head and did not believe what she was hearing.

I do not believe. You must have misunderstood! Laura was the good man. I've had many years of know him. As long as I know he never felt that he was an arrogant person.

Abel justify a matter of personality Laura Prita.

Yes, what you say is true, Prit. Hindi I'm sure if this is just a misunderstanding. I'd love to know Hindi, but he still thought that Laura different from the first.

Hindi also reveals what is in his heart about the attitude of Laura.

If she good at you, it's not like he's too good to me. If she was not a snob, so why I repeatedly calling him a brief answer that?

Prita tried to straighten.

Yes, Hin! That guy right there are times when a bad mood, or maybe it was the mood when she was not well. Yes natural that he is less how fun to say. But it does not mean he's arrogant.

Yes, it's true. Anyway, you do not easily conclude so why?

Yeah, you guys have known each other well. Not because it is small you so hostile.

I'm not hostile!

Yes but it's just the same as if it had been a good friend hostile continues now as people who never knew that.

Not long after, came Laura.

You're in here together, what is it? No events huh?

No, you're talking about you.

Chat about me? What is wrong? I why?

Prita was trying to be a wise friend to convey the existing problems.

Well, Laura and Hindi coincidence here. I want a less favorable situation between you have to be resolved.

Laura was surprised by what was said by Prita.

Less favorable situation between me equal Hindi, memangnya there is nothing between me equal Hindi? I got it wrong?

Well, according to you to be less enjoyable Hindi him? And he said if you're the arrogant with him.

How could you talk like that, Hin? I had one huh? Sorry, if I did have one, but I really did not notice it.

Right, Hind? Laura does not intend to make you think the absurd.

Yes, you were wrong, Hin.

Hindi then asked something in Laura.

If you do not see why the same me, why every time I call you a short answer? Not that his name not want to be friends?

Laura explained to Hindi.

Not that I do not want you to invite or arrogant way, but in the last few days I was very busy indeed, and my thoughts often chaotic. I often do not focus. If I offended you, I apologize.

Yes Hin, you were misunderstood. Next time do not easily conclude everything. That's not good.

Hindi also felt that he had misjudged, and they finally apologized to each other.

Forgive me yes, Ra .. I've misjudged you.

Yeah, why not. I'm sorry for making you think nonsensical. It's our friends, and will continue to be a friend.

Prita and Abel look very happy to see two friends were no longer misunderstood.

Alhamdulillah .. finally they are aware of each other.

Friendship is one of the most important things in our lives. Do not tarnish your friendship just because of a misunderstanding.

The foursome then rush to leave the park and return to their respective homes.


Similarly example plays a short theme of friendship for 4 people. May the example of the short drama script above is useful for readers who are in need of companion reference drama script writing dialogue is good and right. No subject is hopefully mean that you can take from the example above plays friendship. » referensi contoh drama singkat

Judul Drama: Contoh Drama Singkat Bahasa Inggris
Ditulis oleh: Lika Amalia

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