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Drama script is different from other writings such as poetry, short stories or types of other papers. Writing plays is more dense, the plot is more clear, there should be characterizations or characters, recounts an incident in the form paragraphs and so on.

Drama is the composition of poetry in prose that should be able to describe the character and behavior is concerned in a scene. Scenes drama also known as the theater scene in which he is a charade staged.

Within the scope of the drama you have to consider a number of important points that will be the criteria of the script you write so that the text can be regarded as a real drama script. In studying drama, there are some things you should consider as the structure of drama, namely:

- Flow of drama
- Characterizations
- Background and the role of background
- Theme of drama
- Supplies
- Languages

Flow is the archetype of a story or a story that will be played in a drama scene. The composition of the story should be clear, and can provide a better understanding of the audience about the finer points of the drama scene.

Characterizations are dispositive played in the drama scene. Each story will be left with certain characteristics, including the values ​​psychological.

In staging scenes drama will certainly require a venue, time, conditions and other related matters. Accuracy in determining where to some extent will influence the quality of the drama scene that was shown.

The theme is one of the most important points in the world of drama. The theme is the main idea of ​​a story that will be played. The theme should be clear, and the scene being played must be in line with the script written play.

Language is also one of the most important part, because of the language to be used as a tool to interact with each other. Moreover, the language used in a scene that is played should be more appropriate to use everyday language is concerned.

Playwriting is different from writing poetry, short stories, novels or other written works. If the poem is written in the form of lines and stanzas. Short stories and novels written by certain sentences that form paragraphs with direct quotes or conversation. So, writing is done using a two-part drama. The first section contains a conversation or dialogue, and the second part contains instructions staging, such as the provisions of motion, mood or situation of stage performers.

In a drama script writing, drafting the framework are as follows:

- Deciding on a theme (story ideas)
- Define the actors (leaders)
- Define the scenes drama
- Writing the script

Tips to play drama well on the stage

What are the key points that must be considered if you are selected as the drama of your school? Let's discuss tips for playing so you can play your role well played during the drama.

Drama is a scene (not real). Plays like a movie, where there is the director. Directed in a drama can be a teacher, student or seniors of you who helped with the script or a play.

Before deciding to play in a drama scene, then the first thing you should do of course understand what drama as I defined above. If you do not understand what drama then you become a performer, then it is definitely a result you will be confused or awkward when you are playing a role.

Scenes drama has many benefits for you, one of which is to review the extent to which the value of your confidence. Self-confidence is one of the important capital in acting out scenes drama, because it will make you feel comfortable and inspiring.

To be able to play a role in the drama is actually not difficult, provided you have a mental as a drama actor. You should be able to feel free, do not strain, and confident. If you are shy, certainly you will not be able to portray your role perfectly.

Chronology of a drama based on the script. Drama script is what will lead you. In the script written any of your role, how do you behave in those scenes, like what your personality, and so forth. For such short drama is often played by students in schools scripts are not always needed. Usually your teacher will tell you for sharing with friends you with the theme of the drama that has been selected.

5 important things that must be considered in play drama

- Learn about drama topics
- Confidence
- Learn your role
- Be calm
- Discuss with your friends who will come to play scenes of the drama

Drama script example about Friendship and Love for 4 players 

Friendship often associated with love because it could happen because of a previous love begins with friendship. It is commonly known as the friend so love. Some regard, a friend so love is the very sweet, but there also want to respond to a trial of the friendship itself. Therefore, sometimes there are people who avoid or deny the incarnate love of friendship. Here is an example of a play about love and friendship.

A short drama play description

Topic: Love and Friendship

Title: This is Love


1. Intan
2. Angga
3. Sandy
4. Yuda


Intan, Angga, Sandy and Yudha are still four friends since high school. Although Tine and Sandy not classmates with Diamond and Judah, the fourth often spent time together. Start to the cafeteria, shopping for books, to learn, to hang out to a cafe or mall. Every day it seems there are seeds of love that grows between Diamond and Angga. They both fall in love, but Intan deny it because of fear of friendship tarnished. One time, ask for help at Sandy Angga and Yuga in order to Intan stuck and unwilling to admit his feelings on the tine. Will they actually invented? Or Intan still deny it? "


Many times Angga steal a glance at Intan who had been eager to eat the meatballs. Intan, Angga, Sandy, and Judah was in the cafeteria. Intan also occasionally stealing glances toward the tine. With fad, Angga also send a BBM message to Intan, unbeknownst Sandy and Yuda.

Angga: "you eat like people do not eat three days. Breakfast yet? "
Intan: "Not yet. Maid on vacation to the village. Mama went to work. "
Angga: "Poor. Eat a lot, when it finished second bowl, I'll pay. "
Intan: "right?"
Angga: "Yes."

Intan also take meatballs again and spend the bowl again. According to the agreement, the pay Angga.

When turning from the cafeteria, four of them walked along the school corridor. Sandy and Judah went first. Intan seen nudging the tine arms. With a half-whisper, he thanked Angga.

Intan: "Guns, thank you."

Angga did not answer, he just raised his thumb, as if to say 'ok'.
Before Intan turn to her classroom, antlers attract Intan hand.

Angga: "Wait a minute Tan."
Intan: "Yes?"
Angga: "This afternoon I take home, yes, I want to watch with you."

With a shy smile, nod Intan.

Half-hour 4 pm, Tine and Intan had to queue a movie ticket. While waiting for the movie is playing, they look better and joking Selfi photo looked familiar. Tine and Intan really enjoy the togetherness. Angga occasional Intan's hand, and Intan not refuse.

On the way home, Tine had tried. They stopped at an ice cream shop near the house Intan.

Angga: "And ..."
Intan: "Hmmm ..."
Intan while enjoying ice cream did not pay attention to Angga began seriously.
Angga: "I love you?"
Angga hear the statement, Intan like shocked. Then resuming eating ice cream.
Intan: "Guns Do not joke."
Intan antlers staring seriously, he then holding the hands of diamonds that are on the table.
Angga: "I am serious, and I want us to be lovers."
Diamond suddenly feels unable to move. He looked stiff foreign situations.
Intan: "But we're friends Guns?"
Angga: "I know. But I'm sure this love. Too often met with you makes me interested at you. "
Intan trying to release the grip of Anga.
Intan: "I can not! What did the children be? "
Angga: "That's my committee later. You are not the same like what am I? "
Intan paused, and then shook his head. But Angga not easy to believe. Because it is so visible that Inta also loved it.
Angga: "I am sure the kids will understand."
Intan: "It's not just kids Guns. Already, do not spoil our friendship. Too much risk. I do not want us to split up because of love. "

Angga: "So you think, all love stories will separate a friendship? How do you know?"
Intan: "Forget it, its already night, I want to go home."

Angga silent and according to Intan drove home. During the trip there was no conversation. Until they arrived in front of the house Intan.

Angga: "I care about you, and I'm sure you also care about me."
Intan silent and just moved into the house without heed to what was said Tine. After closing the gate, Intan feel like screaming fast. During the friendly with Angga, he felt that day was the best day for her. Even Angga also express his feelings. Actually, he did not want if that day is quickly ended. But...
Intan suddenly stopped and pensive for a moment.
Intan: "But I can not continue with this story."
Meanwhile, the next day without the knowledge of diamonds, Angga met Sandy and Yuda.
Angga: "Sorryguys, I collect you without the diamonds."
Sandy: "Why? You have a problem? "
Angga: "Do not be surprised. Yesterday I shot Intan. "
Sandy: "What?"
Yuda: "Huh?"
Angga: "I do not know why suddenly I wish him continued. I believe this love. "
Yuda: "Are you sure you sob?"
Sandy: "Oh ... this story friend so love. Constantly kept, the Intan how? You received it? '
Angga: "He said he did not like it at me. Tapu I'm real sure he also likes the same I am. "
Yuda: "Yes I also often look in view of Diamond to You. So different. More attention. "
Angga: "Unfortunately he's afraid of you. He's the reason what if you do not accept, or how to further our friendship. "
Sandy and Yuda each other.
Sandy: "I wrote the hell is OK."
Yuda: "I am too."
Antlers staring at her friend's second with a look of gratitude.
Angga: "Thanks guys. Good if so. I can ask for help? "
Yuda express respect.
Yuda: "Ready !!!"
Angga then discuss how to trap Intan to want to admit her feelings to Angga.
In the afternoon, after school. They carry out the action. Sandy and Yuda took Intan eat in the cafeteria without tine. While Angga eavesdropping in the distance. After about 10 minutes had passed, Sandy touched on feelings Intan.
Sandy: "Such a friendship between us is the seed of love, I agree-disagree wrote. No problem, right Yud? "
Yuda: "Yup ... Do not tell me one time, you like the same with me San?"
Sandy: "Yes once wrote. Or even the same tine I despise. "
Intan: "Just what do you like at Angga San?"
Sandy: "I just say if. But if we've events yes it's okay continue wrote. The tine is also not so bad after all. "
Intan paused.
Intan: "And what if I were like at Angga?"
Yuda: "Never mind."
Sandy: "Okay, okay aja."

Only Intan acknowledge all feelings to Angga. Then after hearing disclosure feeling Intan, antlers appear. Make Intan shame mingled feelings. But the ice was rapidly changing, because of Sandy and Yuda immediately make jokes that essentially condone the relationship tine and Intan.

Note: The grammatical of this drama script example may be disordered, therefore please correct by yourself and make any change that's necessary.
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